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Our members enjoy the benefits of learning from dollmakers of all kinds.
We have step by step tutorials from artists who will answer your questions, and a friendly group of people to encourage you every step of the way. We love to challenge each other to try something new!
Why not join us, and learn something different today?
Here's some examples from a few of our tutorials by various artists:

Members Area - Photo Tutorials

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Connie's Face Carving Tutorial
Connie's Shoulderhead Carving Tutorial
Wanda's Half Legs and Arms Tutorial
Annie's Paper or Lace Hat-Making Tutorial
Miracle Chicken Tiny Teddy Bear Woodcarving Tutorial
Penny's Stuffed Scarecrow Tutorial
Sherry's Polymer Clay Tutorial
Tiny Tes Polymer Chocolate Cake Tutorial
Tiny Tes Polymer Doll Tutorial
(Please note: If the photos appear to be in the wrong order, click where it says "Manual Order" and select "Oldest First".)

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